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A 9/11 Story

Although my grandmother lived in a building right behind the Twin Towers when the tragic events of September 11th occurred, she was fortunate to emerge unscathed. Sadly, many people lost their lives that day and in the ensuing days after. Although it may be too early to speak of their spirits, I believe that the energy of that area is forever changed and will never be normal again.


Just about a year after the tragedy, my aunt and uncle visited my grandmother and parked their car just a block away from the Ground Zero, which was still being searched for human remains as the rubble was slowly cleared. The parking spot was a free one on the street, and my relatives felt fortunate to find one instead of paying to park in a car park.


My uncle had packed some reading materials including a small booklet with a coil binder (the type of copied, binded document from Staples or Office Depot in the US). They had arrived in the evening, and spent that night with my grandmother in her apartment. My uncle had left the copied document in their parked car by the back window of their sedan.


The next morning, my aunt woke to find my uncle reading the copied document, which he had gone down to get from the car. She noticed that the coiled binder was gone, and that he was reading through loose pages.


When my aunt asked why he had taken off the binder, my uncle looked confused and said he thought she'd taken it off. My uncle said when he woke that morning, he went down to the car next to Ground Zero, and found the document on the floor of the car, and not by the back window where he'd left it. The coiled binder was taken off completely (without damaging any of the pages) and lay next to the papers.


My aunt and uncle confirmed that the car doors were locked, since it was parked on the street all night. It would have taken considerable effort to carefully unwind the coiled binder from the thick document.


On the morning of September 11th 2001, thousands of people were on their way to their jobs in the Twin Towers. Could it be that one of the many people who lost their lives returned to look for work they had left behind?


The terrible events of that day will never be forgotten. My thoughts are with the family of those who died that day. May the souls of those lost rest in peace.



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